About Culture Craver

The First Social, Mobile Culture Tool for All

Culture Craver uses the tastes of the friends and professional critics you trust to help you discover culture you'll love.
Culture Craver is a website and mobile app that provides listings for NYC events; a niche social network for culture lovers; and a recommendation engine that provides custom recommendations for each user. Culture Craver Kids is the same idea, but designed specifically for kids and families in New York City.
When users crave events they’re excited to see, rate events they’ve seen, and expand their networks by following more friends and critics, Culture Craver gets smarter and users’ recommendations get better. We define culture broadly because we want people to experience more they’ll love, and most people aren’t specialists: they crave what’s new, innovative, and high quality, regardless of the genre. Culture Craver lists theater, dance, visual art, talks and lectures, music, special events and more. Click here if you work at a cultural organization and want to partner and click here if you are a user and want to add a new event.
Culture Craver is powered by our custom algorithm, which is informed by the real-life way people explore and discover cultural events. Each event that has been reviewed has a score (0-100), but users’ scores are different because they have distinct personal tastes and diverse groups of trusted friends and critics. Think of it this way: there is something for everyone, and we want to help you find it. Email us at feedback@culturecraver.com if you are a critic and want your reviews to be included in Culture Craver.
We have 10K+ users, 1,200+ events a day, and more than a million data points on the where/what/why of New Yorkers\' cultural lives — which helps us provide users with the best recommendations around.
We started in New York City because we’re New Yorkers and if we can make it here, we can make it anywhere … but we plan to expand to more cities soon.
Please let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions. Email any time at feedback@culturecraver.com.
Learn more about Craver — our parent company — and its various creations here.