Babies for Culture Craver!

We break from our regular blog content to share definitive proof that love for culture is universal.

Even one-year-olds are on board! 


A Chat with Brandon Stanton

In Culture Craver’s ongoing effort to (1) find out what people are craving and (2) learn different perspectives on how to cultivate desire, Culture Craver Co-Founder Julia Levy caught up with Brandon Stanton, the photographer who started “Humans of New York,” an online photographic census of New York City. Brandon discussed the tricks of approaching strangers and the importance of leveraging Facebook to build a brand.


A Chat with Claire Kiechel

In our ongoing quest to learn (1) what people are craving and (2) how to mold desire, Culture Craver’s co-founder, Julia Levy, spoke Wednesday with playwright Claire Kiechel. Claire is an MFA candidate at the New School for Drama, and her play, “Whale Song or: Learning to Live with Mobyphobia” was produced last year at the Fringe Festival.


How Many of the Oscar Nominated Movies Have You Seen?

This morning, the Academy announced this year's nominees. One thing is clear to us: we all have A LOT of movie watching to do before the winners are announced on Feb. 26. (Julia and Ari, the co-founders of Culture Craver, have each seen 5 of the 9 movies nominated for best picture.) The following is a list of the nominees with links to the event pages on Culture Craver. We recommend that you rate the ones you've seen, crave the ones you want to see, and see as many as possible in the next month!


A Chat with John Johnson

In Culture Craver’s ongoing effort to (1) find out what people are craving and (2) learn different perspectives on how desire is cultivated in the arts/entertainment sphere, Julia Levy spoke with John Johnson at his Theater District office on Friday. In addition to being a star beta tester, John is associate producer at Joey Parnes Productions, and is currently producing “End of the Rainbow,” which starts previews on Broadway on March 19, 2012.


A Chat with Madeleine Sackler

Culture Craver’s co-founder, Julia Levy, is starting a blog to (hopefully) gain and share insight on two topics:

 1.     What cultural events are people craving?

 2.     More broadly, how is desire shaped in the cultural sphere? In other words, what lures people to cultural events? How are tactics and strategies from other industries employed (or not employed) in arts and entertainment?