What is Culture Craver?

Culture Craver helps you discover more culture you will love. We generate custom recommendations for art, theater, film, talks/lectures, dance, music, and more based on your individual tastes and the tastes of the friends and professional critics you trust. You can use Culture Craver's website and mobile application to access comprehensive cultural listings, all the critical reviews, personalized recommendations, and a niche social network full of fellow Culture Cravers. We're starting in New York City, and we plan to expand to other cities as soon as humanly possible.

How does Culture Craver define culture?

"Culture" encompasses a wide range of arts, entertainment, and ideas. We believe culture should be defined as broadly as possible. We don’t want to restrict you to "high art" or to "popular culture." Rather, we want to help you lead a richer life, full of more ideas, experiences, and connections. Currently, Culture Craver includes visual art, theater, film, dance, and talks/readings/screenings. We are adding music and books this summer, and are considering adding other forms of culture in the future.

Where can I access Culture Craver?

You can access Culture Craver online at www.culturecraver.com or in Apple’s App Store. Once you sign up for Culture Craver, you will also be able to receive a weekly e-newsletter that summarizes your custom recommendations.

How do I get better recommendations?

Your custom recommendations come from three factors:

1. The craves and ratings of the people (friends and professional critics) you follow

2. Your affinity (historical agreement) with each of the people you follow

3. The level of debate about the quality of a particular event

Your recommendations will become better and better as you crave and rate more events — to help us better understand you and your tastes — and as you follow additional friends and professional critics. Because your recommendations are adjusted for your level of historical "affinity" with each person you follow, following more people adds diversity to your recommendations without leading you astray.

What is Buzz

Buzz is where you can find a feed of what has happened recently in your Culture Craver network and beyond. You can see what the people you trust have recently craved and rated; who they have followed; and what extras, photos, and comments they have added. You can also access the Culture Craver leaderboard (a list of the most active Cravers) and other behavioral trends.

How can I contact Culture Craver?

Please send feedback, questions, ideas, complaints, or compliments to feedback@culturecraver.com. We love hearing from you and will respond right away!


At this point, your recommendations on Culture Craver are calculated based on what you crave and rate and whom you follow on Culture Craver. If you "like" something on Facebook, you must also rate it on Culture Craver for it to have an impact on Culture Craver. Please note that if you crave or rate an event on Culture Craver, you can choose to share it to Facebook and we will post it for you.

Where do the critics’ stars and bombs come from?

Culture Craver reads each review (twice), analyzes it, and gives it a star, meh, or bomb based on how positive or negative it is. If you see a star, it’s a positive review. If you see a meh, it’s neutral. If you see a bomb, it’s negative. You can always click "read more" to link to the original article and read it for yourself. If you ever notice a star, meh, or bomb that you think was given in error, you should contact Culture Craver at feedback@culturecraver.com so we can review it.

How is a custom score for an event calculated?

Culture Craver uses its (awesome) algorithm to calculate a custom score for each user for each event.

We built our algorithm to approximate the process of real-life decision-making. When you decide which art exhibition to visit or which play to attend, you do a little research, read some critical reviews, and ask some friends for ideas. Then you do some mental math — discounting the opinions of people who tend to have so-so taste and comparing your options.

We've built a digital version of that process, which generates a unique score for each user for each cultural entity. This score is a custom "likeability" score that represents how much you will enjoy it. Scores range from 0 to 100. If an event has no score for you, it means it has not yet been rated by anyone in your network.

Your custom recommendations come from three factors:

1. The craves and ratings of the people (friends and professional critics) you follow

2. Your affinity (historical agreement) with each of the people you follow

3. The level of debate about the quality of a particular event

If you are following ten people who have rated a movie and you have historically agreed most of the time with two of them, sometimes with six of them, and never with two of them, your custom score will factor in all ten ratings, but it will give the most weight to the two by the people with whom you have the highest affinity and it will hardly count the two by the people with whom you never agree. Our algorithm will also take into account how consistent or divergent the ratings are.

Please note that when people you follow crave events, they give them small positive boosts. In this way, craves create early buzz and word of mouth — even before people have been able to attend events. (If enough people crave an event, it can rise to the top of your list.)

Often, your custom score might be higher or lower than the Culture Craver-wide average score. Don't be surprised: this is simply proof that you're not average!

How is the average score for an event calculated?

The average score is an average score for an event based on all the opinions of ALL the people on Culture Craver who have craved or rated it. Your custom score might be higher or lower than the public score, depending on your tastes and the preferences of the people in your network. If you notice an event has a public score but that you have no custom score for the event, you might want to add to your network people who have reviewed it who you are not yet following.

Why are events ranked the way they are?

On Culture Craver, events are listed in order of how much you will enjoy them based on the opinions of your friends and trusted critics. When you visit your list of recommended events or when you seek something specific (such as upcoming art exhibits), the event with the highest score for you goes at the top of the list, followed by the second highest score, and so on. Events that have no score are listed in order of their opening dates.

How is an affinity calculated?

Your affinity score represents how much you have agreed over time with another user. That is, when you both see the same event, do you both give it stars, or does one of you give it a star and one of you give it a bomb? If you always agree, your affinity will be high. If you never agree, your affinity will be low. Affinity also takes into account how many events you have rated in common with another user.


What are the steps to signing up?

The sign up process is quick (and fun). It’s designed to help get you ready for the Culture Craver experience. Here’s how it works:

1. You either sign up using your Facebook credentials or by using your e-mail address and creating a password.

2. We give you a quick overview of what Culture Craver is and how it works.

3. We recommend that you crave and/or rate some events to help us learn about your tastes. We also recommend that you follow some people. This is a good idea because your recommendations come from the people you trust, so it’s good to be surrounded by friends.

4. Culture Craver matches you with about 1,000 professional critics. These critics make up your "starter set" of trusted cultural advisers. They help to generate your initial recommendations. (You can un-follow any of these critics at any time once you sign up.)

The more you put into Culture Craver, the more you get out. But if you want to get going quickly, you can get through the sign up process in less than a minute.


How do I rate or crave an event?

You can rate or crave a movie, play, art exhibit, or other entity on Culture Craver from anywhere you see it listed.

To CRAVE, press the heart. This means you're excited about something. It's your heart's desire! When you crave an event, we add it to your Crave List — which serves as your cultural to-do list.

RATE things you've already experienced to share your opinion (and help us learn more about your tastes): STAR means you loved it. MEH means you feel neutral. BOMB means it wasn't for you.

If you make a mistake or change your mind, you can always change or remove your crave or rating later.

Note that on the iPhone app, you can swipe any event row you see to quickly crave or rate an event.

What is the difference between a Crave and a Star?

CRAVING means you are excited about something, but haven't experienced it yet. When you crave, you add things to your Crave List (your cultural to-do list) and you spread buzz about the things that excite you.

STARRING means you have already experienced something and that you loved it. A Star is the most positive rating you can give something on Culture Craver.

Can I write reviews of events in addition to rating them?

Yes. Once you rate something (with a star, meh, or bomb), you have the option of writing a review to explain your rating. Your review can be as brief or as long as you want.

You can review right away or later. On the website, add a review later by going to your profile, and hovering over your rating. You'll see a pencil icon. Clicking the icon will open a window where you can write your commentary. On the app, press "edit review" under the rating on your profile to add a review.

The events on my list aren’t interesting to me. What do I do?

Your recommendations come from the people in your network. If you are not following people who are seeing and rating events that interest you, chances are you will not be interested in the recommendations you receive. So, the first thing you should do is expand your network. (On the website, go to www.culturecraver.com/find_invite to find and invite friends. On the app, click the icon in your profile.)

You can further hone your recommendations by craving and rating more. The more you rate, the better Culture Craver understands your preferences and the better recommendations it can provide. You can crave and rate as you go, or you can do a lot at once in the Trainer. Find Trainer on the website by hovering on the logo in the upper left corner and clicking on "Train Culture Craver" under "Utilites." On the app, find the trainer by clicking the dumbell icon on your profile or by clicking the icon on the Explore dashboard.

Finally, if an event that doesn't interest you is recommended to you, can remove it from your list by pressing Crave and then clicking "I'm not Interested" rather than "Crave," which would add it to your Crave List. If you click this, it will not show up in your recommendations anymore and will help Culture Craver learn more about your preferences.

Why are there some events I can’t crave?

When live events (such as talks/lectures, art exhibits, plays, or dance performances) end, you can no longer crave them because you can’t go to see them anymore (even if you want to!). However, you can still crave films that are not in theaters since there are other opportunities for viewing them (on DVD, on cable, online, etc.).

What if I rate or crave something accidentally? How can I undo it?

On the website or on the app, click the crave or rate button again to undo your crave or delete your rating. On the app, you can also make a change by clicking "Edit Review" under the item on your profile page.

You might have to reload the page before the change is reflected.

What happens when I crave an event?

When you crave an event, it is added to your Crave List, which is your cultural to-do list.

Additionally, when you crave an event, it rises on the radar of the people who trust you. So, you help to create word-of-mouth about the events that excite you. If you want, you can crave months before something even starts.


How do I follow friends and critics?

Follow friends and critics to add them to your network so they will influence your Culture Craver recommendations.

To add someone to your network, press the plus mark beside his or her name. It will change to a check mark, which means you are following the person. The person’s name will appear on your profile in the list of people you are following. (To un-follow, press the check mark. It will turn back into a plus sign. The person’s name will be deleted from the list of people you are following on your profile.)

How can I find and invite friends on Culture Craver?

On the website, go to www.culturecraver.com/find_invite. You can add people you might know, you can search for people by name, or you can send invitations by Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail.

On the app, tap the "Invite Others" icon on "My Profile." You can add people you might know, or you can invite via facebook or e-mail.

Why am I following people I don’t know?

Your network contains people you have followed as well as professional critics. During the sign up process, Culture Craver matched you with a big group of professional critics to get you started on Culture Craver. You can un-follow them at any time, but the more people you follow, the more diverse and accurate your recommendations become.

Keep in mind that on Culture Craver you get your recommendations from people. (If you were following zero people, you'd have zero recommendations and none of your events would have ratings.)

Who is in my network?

Your network is made up of all critics and friends you follow. Build your network for more personalized recommendations from the people you know and trust. See the list of people you are following on your profile page. Keep in mind that on Culture Craver you get your recommendations from people. (If you were following zero people, you'd have zero recommendations and none of your events would have ratings.)

How do I add someone to my network?

To follow someone and add him or her to your network, click the plus button next to his or her name.

How do I remove someone?

You can easily remove someone from your network. All you have to do is click on the check mark next to his or her name to un-follow a person and remove him or her from your network. Please keep in mind that Culture Craver corrects for your affinity with the people you follow. So, if you are following someone with whom you rarely agree, that person’s tastes will not have much influence on your recommendations. Rather, they will help to add diversity without steering you to events you will dislike.

What does it mean if someone is following me?

It means that you are very culturally savvy and that someone trusts your taste! If someone is following you, you influence his or her recommendations. This will not affect your recommendations unless you follow back.

What if one of my friends and I have very different tastes?

If you’re following people whose tastes don’t align with yours, it’s OK! Culture Craver adjusts your recommendations for your affinity with the people you follow. So, if you are following someone with whom you rarely agree, that person’s tastes will not have much influence on your recommendations. Rather, they will help to add diversity without steering you to events you will dislike.

How do I make plans with my friends?

You can see a list of events you should go to with any other person on Culture Craver. It includes event that you've both craved and events that receive high custom scores for both of you.

See the list on the website or on the app by clicking "What to see" on another user's profile.

Once you see something you like, send an email or a message to make plans.


How does Culture Craver decide which events to list?

We try to provide a lot of listings so that you can find something that excites you — no matter who you are or what your preferences are. We have more than a thousand things happening on any given day in New York City that are listed in our system. If you notice anything missing, feel free to add it.

What if an event isn’t listed?

If you find an event that isn’t listed, you can "Add an Event" so that you and others can crave it, rate it, etc.

On the website, go to www.culturecraver.com/add-event to add. On the app, click the Add an Event icon on the Explore dashboard. You can also add from search if what you are seeking is not yet in Culture Craver's system.

When you submit a new event, we'll check it to make sure all the information is accurate.

How can I find information about a specific event I heard about?

If you type the event’s name into search, you can find any event that is in Culture Craver’s system.

On the event page, you will find details on the event (including where, when, and ticket price) plus context-building extras. You can also read all the critical reviews of the event, as well as reviews and comments by the people you follow.

What is an Extra?

An extra is an article, a podcast, a photo, or other information that helps to build context about an event. These are crowd sourced — added by you and other Culture Cravers.

How do I add extras?

To add an extra, click on the "Extras" button on any event page. Click the "add an extra" button. Then, submit anything interesting you see on the Internet relating to the event. It can be a slideshow, an interview, a behind the scenes feature, or whatever you find exciting.

How do I find custom recommendations?

Using the filters (which you access by pressing the square filter button at the top right of your "My Lists" page), you can filter by event type, when it comes out, location, price, and more. This will sort your list so you see only what you are seeking, ranked in order of how highly it is recommended to you. you to a list that you can further refine by checking on categories that you’re interested in.

How often do my custom recommendations change?

We recalculate everything every hour.

What if I ever notice an error in an event listing or a venue listing?

Let us know! Email us at feedback@culturecraver.com. We’ll fix the problem as soon as possible.


What information is available about me to the public by default?

By default, the events you have rated/reviewed and craved, your photos, your comments, as well as which cravers are in your network, are available to other Culture Craver users. (Your zip code, your e-mail, your birth year, and your gender are never shared.)

You can change your privacy settings if you want to keep your opinions private. Do this in Settings, which you can access from your Profile.

What other information can I add to my public profile?

If you choose, you can add a picture of yourself and a quick blurb to your profile. This is a good way to help your friends find you!

How can I protect my privacy?

In Settings, you can choose to hide all of your tastes from the public, hide your craves from the public, or hide only your dislikes from the public.


How can I partner with Culture Craver to promote my event?

We can help you reach your most likely audience members. Culture Craver can create special contests and promotional campaigns to help you promote your event. Please e-mail us at partner@culturecraver.com to talk about potential partnerships.

What kinds of partnerships are available?

Culture Craver is interested in working with like-minded organizations that serve people who care about culture. Opportunities include:
* White Label versions of our mobile application for festivals/conferences or for hotels or arts councils
* Contests/promotional campaigns to generate interest in upcoming cultural events
* Custom smart listings for groups, powered by Culture Craver’s data and recommendation algorithm
* Featuring arts organizations’ listings or media organizations’ content on Culture Craver
* Featuring your brand or representatives as "featured tastemakers" on Culture Craver


What features are in the works?

Additional cities, beyond New York
* Additional culture verticals
* iPad, Android, and mobile web applications
* Rewards and special access for users
* Enhanced calendar and planning features